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CA Manpreet Singh Gambhir

Respected Members!

First of all, I do hereby extend, my heartiest Thanks and Gratitude to my family, Guide, Mentors and almighty God for blessing me the position of Vice – Chairman of Panipat Branch of NIRC of ICAI. I am extremely grateful for the trust you have put on me, I assured you to do my best to meet out your expectations and shall work in the best interest of the profession, members, students & Society at large.
I hope everyone will be fine in the situation of pandemic. We as managing committee members always tried that we all make best use of this idle time due to lock down for our learning.
We have launched various series of webinars during that period related to GST, Direct Taxes, Cyber security and many more. Not only the members of Panipat branch has participated in the webinars but the members from all around India are taking part in the webinars organized by our branch. Even government officials are very keen to take part in our organized webinars.
On this 74th Independence Day, we again tried our best for the betterment of the members as our managing committee team in the presence of Our Chariman Sir (CA Suresh Nandwani) has launched Panipat Branch official website with new face and new thoughts. Now the facility of live newsletter will be there on the portal. Any article by the member will be published on the immediate basis on the website. Not only this, member can find the latest news and information on the website itself. Details of all the members will be easily available on the website along with the links to various important websites.
Further, we have various plans for the future and we are working towards it that will make every branch member proud.
These all has been made possible due to the team effort. I am very thankful to all my team members.

Unity is strength.....when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” Happy Independence Day

CA Manpreet Singh Gambhir
Vice - Chairman

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